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"This is truly a beautiful work that comes from deep within and I can feel it and all her love for helping those who've gone through similar situations!"

Savanna Aiello

Youth Yoga Instructor

"This book does an incredible job of highlighting both the beauties and challenges of life, providing a platform for those most in need of support. You can tell Tameka truly lays her heart out on each page."

Gianna Rettino

Communications/Public Relations Pro

 Very Clear, I like the reinforcement with the chapter exercises. Loved It!

Pauline Parkes, LCSW-R

Social Worker & Therapist

"I love this book it’s like years of therapy without the huge bill. I cry over the chapter about releasing and forgiving, understanding its not for them but for me. This book is not just therapy but it helps you to look at yourself and evaluate your life, to make changes , to be a better you. This book is all about self love and being a champion and a cheerleader for yourself. This is awesome Tameka, you are giving a voice to so many who needs it."


Rodia Nicaisse

Teacher (Early Childhood)

"Tameka Mclean has written a book that identifies the harsh realities of the foster care system and what foster youth experience. I believe Tameka’s book will significantly help foster youth with navigating the complex foster care system. It will help foster youth and former foster youth deal with the pain, trauma and anxiety they face daily. This book stresses the importance of being a positive person and not a negative person. A must read not only for foster youth but for any adult who is in contact with a foster youth."


Anne Sivilich

Aunt of a foster youth

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