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 A familiar face

An underdog, who is paving the way for those striving to make it in a world that's unfamiliar, and many times, unaccepting of them. 

Her past trauma and life experiences are familar to individuals that have come from underprivileged backgrounds.

See the face and hear the voice of a victor that covers the below topics:

Empowerment, Health & Wellness, Parenting (Foster parent and child) and Career Pathways  

Featured Podcasts

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Listen Here

In this episode, we have a very special guest: entrepreneur and foster youth advocate Tameka Mclean. Tameka has an incredible story of resilience and growth. She's here not just to share her own experiences but to demystify the complex foster care system so those who are most vulnerable to it can get the help they need.

Confidence Conversation

with Jocelyn Michelle


Listen Here

Tameka shares her story and tips on how she was capable of sustaining herself while having to endure the weight of a heavy load (trials, tribulations, turmoil, and trauma). 

The Sit Down

with Ray Phillips Jr.

Stepping Into Divine Purpose

with Laurie Herbers


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Christmas 2022

Speaking at a youth shelter on Christmas day

In her talks Tameka showcases her wisdom, personal experience and healthy survival tactics that placed her on a path of healing and sustainability. She has a gift of speaking to the minds and hearts of those that have worked with or experienced life in underdeveloped/underserved communities. 

Workshop 2022

Workshop at local agency

 She has the ability to help professionals of foster care agencies, colleges, corporations, community resource centers etc., understand the mindset and behavioral barriers of their constituents. She gives constructive advice and pointers on how one can transition from failing to winning while becoming self-sufficient after the storm.

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