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Tameka Mclean


A former foster youth, Founder & CEO of Poppy Muse Inc. (a 501c3 foster care agency) and Author of "11 Steps to Self-Sufficiency" Take Action by Taking the Steps, is now embarking on her journey of becoming a Motivational Speaker for youth and young adults, that come from the same struggles she endured while both in care, and during her transition into society.

Tameka uses her experience, knowledge and empathy, to speak to the hearts and minds of youth and young adults in need of a genuine connection from a familiar face, which is that of a young woman who has been PRECISELY where they have been.  Her goal is to send a message to all youth that advises them, that they too, can become Self-Sufficient and successful despite their challenges.

Do you feel like your audience, institution could use her message and her voice to reach troubled youth you work with daily? If so, click on the above "Book Tameka Today" link.

In this episode, we have a very special guest: entrepreneur and foster youth advocate Tameka Mclean. Tameka has an incredible story of resilience and growth. She's here not just to share her own experiences but to demystify the complex foster care system so those who are most vulnerable to it can get the help they need.


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Listen Here


Listen Here

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