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I 'm a familiar face


An underdog who is paving the way not only for herself, but for many youth and young adults that strive to make it in a world that's unfamiliar, and many times, unaccepting of them. 

In her talks Tameka showcases her wisdom, personal experience and healthy survival tactics that placed her on a path of healing and sustainability. She has a gift of speaking to the minds and hearts of those that have either lived as, or worked with, youth with similar experiences. Additionally, she has the ability to help professionals of foster care agencies, colleges, community resource centers etc. understand the mindset and behavioral barriers of a youth in care. She gives constructive advice and pointers on how professionals can better manage and support foster youth in their journey of becoming self-sufficient prior to aging out.

Ms. McLean's' work as the Founder/Executive Director of Poppy Muse Inc. (a foster care agency), has led her toward a journey of helping youth and young adults heal themselves from past trauma via PM's Health and Wellness program. On the east coast her "all girls" foster care agency was the first to implement such a program for young women in care.


Her Trauma and life experiences are familiar to those that have come from both underprivileged and foster care communities.

Her Trauma

  • Born to a father unknown

  • Raped at 4

  • No stable home environment

  • There's more.  Scroll back up to the top and pick up your copy of "11 Steps to Self-Sufficiency": Take action by Taking the Steps, today.

For bulk orders please reach out to Tameka directly at


See the face and hear the voice of a victor that covers the below topics:


  • Tools for self-sustainability

  • Healthy Coping Skills

  • What works and doesn't work for foster youth 

  • Setting Yourself up for future success 

Care Givers/Agencies/Colleges etc.

  • How to work with the temperament/emotions of youth/young adults in care

  • Trigger words

  • Transitional/Aging out Prep

  • Educating yourself and them on available resources

Faces of a younger Tameka


7-8 months


Like the majority of foster youth, she was born into a world of instability, toxicity and generational trauma. Unknowingly, the fight for survival starts on day one for some foster youth. 

6 years 

2 years after her rape, 2 years prior to her mother's death and 7 years prior to her entering care.

"This is truly a beautiful work that comes from deep within and I can feel it and all her love for helping those who've gone through similar situations!"

Savanna Aiello

Youth Yoga Instructor

Reader Reviews

"I love this book it’s like years of therapy without the huge bill. I cry over the chapter about releasing and forgiving, understanding its not for them but for me. This book is not just therapy but it helps you to look at yourself and evaluate your life, to make changes , to be a better you. This book is all about self love and being a champion and a cheerleader for yourself. This is awesome Tameka, you are giving a voice to so many who needs it."


Rodia Nicaisse

Teacher (Early Childhood)

" Very Clear, I like the reinforcement with the chapter exercises. Loved It!"

Pauline Parkes, LCSW-R

Social Worker & Therapist

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